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Ningbo C.S.I. 10.5MW overseas peak shaving power plant successfully passed acceptance


      June 6th is a remarkable, exciting and arrogant day for Ningbo C.S.I. Power & Machinery Group Co. Ltd., in which day, power plant main transformer impact switched on, which means our overseas HFO power plant is successfully constructed.

      This power plant is used for regional national power grid peak shaving, consisted of three 3500kw diesel generating set burning heavy fuel oil. Under the hard work of overseas engineering team formed up by Jin Zhiquan, Jiang Libo and Zeng Gang, only three months, diesel generating sets successfully work in parallel, and pass the preliminary acceptance of the project owner. Accompanied by General manager Lou Hua, the assessment team visited the whole power plant, examined the operation condition of three diesel generating sets, and give the affirmation of the operation condition of the power plant.

      South east island lacks in electricity, this power plant is used as peak shaving power plant, greatly alleviate the local power gap. When the president visited local electricity authority, he gives great attention on our power plant construction, and require to finish the construction before power shortage peak during the dry season under the precondition of quality.

      3500kw diesel generating set is the maximum power land used diesel generating set, this generator set adopts elastic installation mode, in accordance with current international trends, compared with previous foundation bolt back-grounding method, it is more convenient and artistic, meanwhile decreases the noise and vibration during the operation of diesel generating set. Generator set auxiliary equipment adopts module installation design, which makes power plant internal environment very tidy and clean.

      10.5MW power plant is a typical sample high-power diesel generator set traditional market project established by Ningbo C.S.I., the successful commissioning does a good bedding for high-power generator set entering south east market, at the same time winning the first strike of the popularization of high-power diesel generating set.

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